Suspension Files

Suspension Files

Railex offer a full range of suspension files, including both lateral suspension files and drawer hanging suspensoin files. Find out which is the correct type of suspension file to suit your needs.

1. Select the type of hanging suspension file you need:

  • Lateral suspension files are suspended in rows from either shelves or rails in lateral filing cabinets. The files run across the cabinet and are accessed from the front. They nearly always have a clear tab on the front edge to label the file and are access from the side of the file.
  • Drawer hanging files (sometimes called vertical suspension files) normally run front-to-back in a 4 drawer cabinet. They are always accessed from above and therefore the indexing tab is on the top edge to label the file.

2. Choose the right size:

  • Although suspension files are often marked as A4 or foolscap, what really matters is the distance between the rails that the file is suspended on.
  • For Lateral Suspension Files this is usually 208mm, 275mm or 330mm
  • For Drawer Hanging Files it is usually 330mm (A4) or 395mm (Foolscap). If your suspension file is a different size, then please call us for further information.

3. Choose the capacity of the base:

  • ‘V’ base suspension files are the most popular and most space efficient, but if they are overfilled the contents can rise and catch on the drawer/row above. In this case select a suspension file with a square base, the alternatives vary from range to range but are normally either 30mm or 50mm wide.
  • If you are storing very thick files in a lateral suspension system, then you can use our polypropylene 12" drop 'V' base suspension files instead. These give the best of both worlds but you must make sure that the distance between suspension filing rows is at least 12" (305mm)

4. Choose the material:

  • Railex manufacture our suspension files and hanging files from a wide range of materials from strong manillas to super tough polypropylene plastic. As always if you have doubts or can’t find exactly what you are looking for, please call our friendly and experienced staff for assistance or use the contact us section.
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