Social Care Access Filing

Railex Access Filing was designed to meet the demands of Social Services departments throughout England and Wales. The requirements of the Freedom of Information and Data Protection acts make it critical that information is held securely and yet is easily segmented and made accessible.

Files bring collections of information together and often these collections need to be sub-divided. The Railex Access filing system provides a flexible, modular way of achieving this with great benefits over the use of tabbed dividers. The system is created by securing inner module files into an outer cover.

The Inner Modules

  • Can be added and removed with ease- this allows whole sections to be kept private or archived without the need to disrupt the other documents.
  • Can be read immediately like a book: The individual modules can contain Railex's Easifile prong fitting which means that the file can be opened anywhere and read or photocopied without touching the fittings
  • Can hold loose papers or plans, pocket modules are available for papers that cannot be punched
  • Are tabbed in three positions and can be indexed in exactly the same way as dividers

The Outer Covers

  • Are available in three configurations to cover any mix of modules and situation
  • Capacities range from a standard 40 mm capacity up to a massive 80 mm for bulkier file contents
  • Available in tough materials, both tear and scuff resistant to give long service in heavy usage and extra-heavy usage environments.
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