Human Resources (HR) Filing

All Railex products are designed to protect your valuable information for a very long period. The materials we use are exceptionally durable and yet attractive. 

The most popular and recommended products for this industry are listed below:

  Suspension Files

See our range of suspension files available in a variety of sizes, strengths and capacities to suit your needs. We have suspension files to fit both lateraland drawer filing systems.
If you use four-drawer filing cabinets, most people use a combination of our Polifile and Polypropylene Drawer Files.

Clip and Transfer Files

Railex have a wide range of clip and transfer files to file and store your punched papers. From the traditional Spring Arch files to the modern Polifile with high strength plastic fitting to prevent any page tearing etc. We also have the revolutionary Easifile which even when full, the file can lie flat onto a scanner or photocopier, should the papers need to be added or removed, then this can be achieved without disturbing the order of the file. 

  Access Filing

Railex also have the option of Access Filing which is an increasingly popular modular filing system. Particularly useful where filing and retrieval is required by more than one party and where there is a need for privacy (or data potection). It is a flexible system that allows inner files to grow, yet it still allows for clear categorisation and quick and discreet access.

For example if you require several sections within a personnel file you can store these within the main file (outer cover) seperately, and where required lift the relevant file/information (inner module) out without disclosing the remaining contents of the file.

 Personnel Files

Railex Personnel Files have been designed to store important personnel data and fully comply with the Data Protection Act 1998. Storing only the basic information on the front with important, with more sensitive but important information on the inner flap. These files store punched paper and feature a pocket for any loose papers or materials. These are available in Springarch or Polifile options. 

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