Folders, Pockets & Wallets

Folders, Pockets & Wallets

For your loose paper storage, Railex offer tough, attractive and durable pockets, folders or wallets for the everyday retrieval and storage of documents.

They all come in a range of bright colours and are packed in 50's.

Pocker Folders: Handy pocket folders are used mostly for storing loose paper, they are made from strong 0.4mm marbleboard. Capacity can hold up to 25mm of paper which is protected by a front flap. Available in a range of bright colours, foolscap size to easily fit your A4 papers in.

Open Top Wallets: These are heavy duty pockets, able to hold up to a massive 50mm capacity and can stand alone on a shefl easily. Made from tough 0.4mm marbleboard they are ideal for storing those loose papers, leaflets etc. Available in a choice of 5 bright colours, foolscap size to comfortably fit your A4 papers in.

Shelf Wallet Folder: Railex Shelf wallet folders are heavy dut pockets made from 0.4mm Marbleboard. Ideal for loose papers, leaflets etc. They can ohold up to 50mm capacity, foolscap sized (slightly larger than A4) and can easily stand alone on a shelf.

Double Dock Wallets: Railex Double Dock Wallets split the contents of the paper into 2 compartments whiich can hold up to 50mm of paper between them. There is an integral divider which adjusts easily to the thickness of the contents. Made from strong 0.4mm marbleboard inner documents are further protected by a full length flap for secure storage. Available in a variety of 5 bright colours, foolscap size to comfortably fit your A4 papers in.

Square Cut Folders: These square cut folders are significantly stronger than most other plain office folders. They are paticularly useful to store and organise loose papers and avoid the loss/misplacement of these.  Available in a 8 bright colours to chose between. 


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