Access Filing

Access Filing

Protective files for sensitive or multiple filings.

Access filing is a modular filing system and particularly useful where filing and retrieval is required by more than one party and where there is a need for privacy. It is a flexible system that allows inner files to grow, yet it still allows for clear categorisation and quick and discreet access. 

Originally designed for Freedom of Information legislation, Railex has been providing "Access" files to Social Services Departments nationwide for many years and they have been becoming increasingly popular accross other sectors including legal and HR.

It involves 2 parts:

Outer Cover:

  • Made from tough 346 gsm Marbleboard to protect the file and its' contents 
  • This has the fittings of the popular Polifile made from Hytrel plastic which is extremely durable but smooth
  • The 2 prongs join together to creat a smooth are which allows the inside files/inner modules to be navigated and removed with great ease
  • There are a range of standard capacities from standard 35mm up to a massive 80mm depending on your needs and the contents of the file.

Inner Modules:

  • These are to protect the information and divide this into relevant sections
  • The inner modules have the fittings of the equally popular Easifile  
  • Smooth strong Hytel plastic prongs allow pages to turn without tearing
  • Opens and lies flat to allow easy scanning and photocopying
  • Pages can be added and removed with ease
  • There is also an inner pocket which can be added in for any loose papers


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